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Use the right CMS for the job. Wordpress, Magento, Sugar CRM or another CMS..Depends on our customers's purpose we give them which the CMS is the best to them.

Expert Developers of wordpress and Magento
Have us develop your next website or application using Worpdress or Magento, Centrala started CMS development in 2008 creating CMS solution. We took leadership role in the Open Source CMS revolution. Today Centrala specializes in customization and advanced development for the world's leading clients
While we work in other CMS solutions, these are two our platforms of choice to deliver outstanding results for our worldwide clients.
1 Wordpress
2 Magento


Use the right CMS for the Job
Each CMS has its own unique DNA, and therefore, its own advantages for particular applications.
WordPress is the best blogging and publishing solutions
Magento becomes one of the leading open-source platforms which offers almost all features and tools to build an ecommerce website
Contact us today we will help you to have the best CMS for you and your company